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Tahoe OG (1000mg)

Brass Knuckles' Tahoe OG Cartridge delivers a swift kick of euphoria to the head that settles comfortably into the body, providing long-lasting relief from pain. This calming indica concentrate packs the earthy lemon taste and full potency of Tahoe OG in a convenient cartridge form.

Tangie (1.1gm)

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Tangie Dream (500mg)


Citrus  |  Orange  |  Sweet

The beloved offspring of two timeless classics, this freshly-picked tangy delight is an instant favorite by the first silky draw.

Thin Mint (1000mg)

Thin Mint calls upon the powers of its indica, sativa, and hybrid ancestors for a powerful full-body effect that gives this strain its sterling reputation. The high psychoactivity of this strain is not for novice consumers, but patients with a variety of symptoms are giving Thin Mint their seal of approval: severe pain, nausea, swelling, insomnia, and appetite loss are no match for the potency of Thin Mint.
  • 1. Minty
  • 2. Sweet
  • 3. Mint

Trainwreck (500mg)

Trainwreck is a potent Sativa-Dominant Hybrid bred from Mexican and Thai Sativas with Afghani Indicas. The joining of both strains is evident in Trainwreck’s unique sweet aromatic lemon and heavy pine scent. The taste of Trainwreck is slightly acidic with bursts of fruity flavors and a faint hint of chile. Medicinal: Trainwrecks high THC content effectively slices through migraines, pain, and arthritis. Many patients also use it for relief of anxiety, ADD/ADHD, and PTSD.

Watermelon (Crown)

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Zkittlez (1.1gm)

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